Marketing and SEO

Did you know

  • that search engines penalise slow sites?
  • YourShop designs your online shop to be ultra-fast, giving you an extra chance to position your site even more effectively.

HTML statistics

  • Your eCommerce has its own HTML statistics, provided by Awstats.
  • These statistics allow you to follow the development of your marketing campaigns and are calculated daily.
HTML statistics

Google analytics

  • YourShop uses Google analytics and allows you, with adwords, to monitor your conversions.
  • Watch the progress of your campaigns in real time.
  • Discover how your marketing channels interact to generate sales.
Google analytics

Social bookmarking

  • See the social media sites on which your clients are recommending you.
Social bookmarking

Social media

  • Share your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages with your clients.
Social media


  • Create money off or special offer coupons using YourShop BackOffice and distribute them to your clients.
  • YourShop allows you to adapt the coupons to your requirements.

SEO : Search Engine Optimization

  • We will talk about SEO and not about paid campaigns. To have your products listed at the top of the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP), there are several factors to be considered: What are your products, what is your online shop and who are your customers. YourShop presents your data according to the SEO requirements of the search engines. Your task is to insert in the YourShop BackOffice, the description of your products or, if you have many products, to use file import.
  • The description of your products, and that of your categories are the two essential aims for a good SEO. A YourShop eCommerce Consultant will assist you. It is most important you give an honest description of your products, without trying to influence SEO. YourShop prepares and presents your data in the online shop to obtain a good SEO. Beautiful photos and videos of your products will help it to be well placed in the search engines.
  • Search engines put your products forward when they know people are looking for your products. To encourage your customers to buy your products online, get them to search for your products in the search engines and give them a coupon. The more your customers use the search engines for your products, the more your shop will be listed at the top, due to SEO.